Industrial Slip Rings
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  • Number of Tracks: 3 to 120
  • Current: max. 63 A
  • Voltage: max. 630 V AC
  • Housing Material: Aluminum
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Through Bore Slip Rings

  • Number of Tracks: 6 to 24
  • Current: 5 A to 15 A
  • Voltage: max. 400 V AC
  • EU Compliant
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Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
Bestseller & Configurator

  • Single-Mode and Multi-Mode
  • Max Rotational Speed: 2000 rpm
  • Fiberlength: 0,5 m - 4 m
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
Bestselling Products
Deliverable in 3 Weeks

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Contact Materials/ Carbon Brushes

SCHLEIFRING's graphite brushes transmit electrical power up to over 1,000 amperes. They convince even at high transmission speeds with a long service life. Select the suitable carbon or carbon holder according to your needs: with or without ground-in radius, with stranded wire, with or without plug-in sleeve.

LubeLife Contact Oil

Our LubeLife contact oil increases the performance and service life of any contacting slip ring. The LubeLife series has been individually developed and adapted to the specific operating conditions. Each spray oil improves the performance as well as the transmission quality of the maintained slip ring - whether in the wind turbine, in the industrial application, under extreme conditions, at low or high operating temperatures.

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When was SCHLEIFRING established? SCHLEIFRING was established in 1974. For almost 50 years we have stood for the highest level of precision and absolute reliability when transmitting data, electrical power, air and fluids between moving and stationary components. Where does SCHLEIFRING manufacture? SCHLEIFRING manufactures in Germany, China and the USA.


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Slip Ring - Technology

Slip rings enable the transmission of data, power, fluids and gases between moving and stationary components, making the slip ring the key component in every automated system. These rotary joints are indispensable for a great many challenging applications and products. The available options for the manufacture of customized slip rings are as wide-ranging as our customers’ requirements.