Configurator for Industrial Slip Rings

The basis of our MIA configuration system is the gold-on-gold contact technology. It serves the transmission of power (up to 630 V and 63 A), signals (up to 30 V and 3 A) and data as well as various bus systems. In total, a maximum of 120 transmission paths can be configured using different modules.

Our MIAs have a housing diameter of 90 mm or 140 mm depending on the module selected. The slip ring’s housing length corresponds to the sum of all selected modules (116 mm to 399 mm). The standard cable length on the rotor and the stator is 3 meters. Optionally, this can be lengthened to 6, 12 or 15 meters. The MIA slip rings are suitable for ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +70 °C and have protection class IP50. The passivated aluminium housing with free internal diameter (8 mm or 13 mm depending on the outside diameter of the slip ring) enables the conduction of media or routing of fibre optic cables. The modular system can be extended by a power unit, a Gigabit unit or by various media rotary joints. These add-on components can also be ordered separately. No maintenance is required. The service life of all components is designed for up to 50 million revolutions. In the short term, rotational speed up to 400 rpm (small housing diameter) or 300 rpm (large housing diameter) can be achieved.

MIA offers more than two million configuration options for the transmission of power and signals as well as use with Profibus, CAN Bus, and Ethernet that can be delivered within three weeks.

Number of Tracks
3 to 120
Rated Current [A]max. 63
Rated Voltage [V]max. 630
Char. rot. Speed [min-1]200
Temp. rot. Speed [min-1]400
Operating Temperature [°C]-20 to + 70
Housing MaterialAluminum
Lifetime [Million Rotation]up to 50
Protection Class - IEC 60529IP 50

Configurator for Through Bore Slip Rings

The basis of the MAVERICK slip rings is the silver contact technology. It serves to transmit power and signals up to 400 V and 15 A. The MAVERICKs are available with 6 to 24 paths.

The free internal diameter makes it possible to install the rotary signal transmitters on shafts with a diameter ranging from 12.7 mm to 50 mm. The outside diameter of the slip rings ranges from 56 mm to 119 mm, the housing length from 34 mm to 146 mm. The cable length on the rotor and the stator is 250 mm. The hollow-shaft slip rings have the protection class IP50. The anodised aluminium housing is clad with plastic and suitable for ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +60 °C. The service lives of the individual components are harmonised with each other and no maintenance is required. Rotational speeds up to 300 rpm can be achieved.

SCHLEIFRING’s MAVERICK configurator offers a large selection of compact, high-performance EU-compliant as well as RoHS- and REACH-certified high-performance slip rings that can be delivered immediately, for example for rotary tables, surgical lights, and robot arms.

Number of Tracks
6 to 24
Amperage [A]
5A to 15A
Voltage [V]250 VAC/DC or 400 VAC
Housing MaterialAluminum
Inner Diameter [mm]12,7 / 25 / 38 / 50
CertificationRoHS und REACH
Protection ClassIP 50
Working Speed [rpm]max. 300 
Cable Length Stator & Rotor [mm]250

Configurator for Fiber Optical Rotary Joints

The Fiber Optical Rotary Joint (FORJ) makes contactless transmission of signals possible irrespective of the data protocol. The use of high-quality collimators guarantees optimum insertion and return loss values. 

The single-channel FORJ with integrated mounting flange has a maximum outside diameter of 33 mm for a length of 50 mm. The FORJ is available in both multimode (OM1, OM4) and singlemode variants. Furthermore, different connector types and fibre lengths (up to 2 or 4 meters) can be configured. The FORJ is designed for speeds up to 2,000 rpm, has a service life of more than 200 million rotations and is insensitive to EMC influences. It has the protection class IP 40 and can be used in a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.

Using SCHLEIFRING’s FORJ configurator the customer can configure high-quality FORJs, which can be delivered within three weeks.

TechnologySinglemode/ Multimode
OM1 / OM4
Connector TypeFC-PC / LC-PC / SC-PC
Fiber Length [m]0,5 to 4,0
Max. Optical Power27dBm = 500mW
Rotational Speed [rpm]
max. 500
Duration [Rotations]
>200 million
Temperature Range Operation-40°C to +85°C
Protection ClassIP 40