Maximum Transmission Diversity

Our media rotary joints allow you to transfer fluids (water, oil, coolant), gases or air. Our products are absolutely reliable even at high pressure, high rotational speeds and high flow rates.

At present you can transmit air, an almost-absolute vacuum or hydraulic fluids at up to 3,500 rpm at an ambient temperature of up to 120 °C. 

Product number: 524100024E
Adapted for following slip rings:
Material number:   5K0195158
Material number:   5K0195157
Material number:   5K0195128
Dimensions (installed):
  • ØO = 98 mm (plus grease nipple 8,5 mm)
  • L = 97 mm
medium: air
pmax: 10 bar
Content: 1 unit

Ready for shipment in 10-12 weeks